Communication can make or break any organization or relationship. We strive to ensure there is effective communication with the Board of Directors, the Community, and the Contractors supporting the community. We stay engaged and are responsive to our clients needs.


Effective financial managements is critical for any entity to survive. We work side by side with the community leadership to establish a budget, ensures contractors are paid on time, and ensures a very low accounts receivable. We strive to keep the financial health of the community strong.


Strong leadership is required for any organization to prosper. We start by ensuring the board and the management have initial training. We are both synchronized to community needs. Then with board guidance, leads the contractors and community to a community everyone can be proud of.

Similar to a diamond you may purchase, you as a customer, should demand brilliance, precision, and above all, a fair price. Diamond Management provides all three of these important requirements to each community we manage. To us you are more than a portfolio folder, you are a community that deserves the attention and respect you pay for.

Diamond provides attention to detail and maintenance oversight. We excel at making a community appearance something to be proud of.

Your benefit to our vast experience ensures contractors perform as required, and potential issues are resolved before they become expensive problems.

Fair Price
Our low overhead and resident expertise allows us to bring on-site management expertise at a fair market price. Our contractor network is screened for quality fair priced services.

Meet the Diamond Management Team

Experienced Residential and Commercial Property Managers

Gail Blecher, AMS, CMCA

President / Association Manager

Gail has over 10 years of Association management experience with another 10 years of Real Estate development and management. Her experience and education in accounting are a significant quality in her ability to ensure the financial health of associations. She created Diamond Management to bring more personal relationships between a manager and the community by ensuring the quantity of communities for a manager is low, so the quality they provide the association is high.

Regina Davis

Association Manager

Regina has over 10 years of experience in office management and customer service. Her qualifications are fantastic for her position as an Association Manager. Her degree in accounting and accounting experience serves as a valuable resource in all areas of association management. Regina’s enthusiasm and knowledge bring a significant quality to Diamond Management that associations will appreciate.